Xi Chen, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Simons Foundation
(GRA: Fall 2011 – Spring 2016; Dissertation: Bayesian Integration and Modeling for Next-generation Sequencing Data Analysis

(Henry) Xu Shi., Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist II, AbbVie Inc. (LinkedIn)
[Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University, 2017 – 2019]
(GRA: Fall 2012 – Fall 2017; Dissertation: Bayesian Modeling for Isoform Identification and Phenotype-specific Transcript Assembly)

Xiao Wang, Ph.D., Computational Biologist, Lyell Immunopharma (LinkedIn)
(GRA: Fall 2011 – Summer 2016; Dissertation: Computational Modeling for Differential Analysis of RNA-seq and Methylation Data)

Chen Wang, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medical Informatics, Mayo College of Medicine (Mayo Clinic)
(GRA: Fall 2006 – Summer 2011; Dissertation: From network to pathway – integrative network analysis of genomic data

(Julia) Yuji Zhang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Department of Epidemiology & Public Heath, School of Medicine, University of Maryland at Baltimore
(GRA: Fall 2005 – Summer 2010; Dissertation: Module-based analysis of biological data for network inference and biomarker discovery)

Ting Gong, Ph.D., Senior Applied Scientist, Microsoft (LinkedIn)
[Assistant Professor of Molecular Carcinogenesis, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, 2012-2016]
[Postdoc at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR), 2010 – 2012]
(GRA: Fall 2004 – Fall 2009; Dissertation: Computational dissection of composite molecular signatures and transcriptional modules)

Sook S. Ha, Ph.D., Collegiate Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech

[Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences, Virginia Military Institute, 2015-2020]
[Postdoctoral Associate & Computational Biologist, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Tech, 2012-2015]
(Doctoral graduate student, Fall 2006 – Summer 2012; Dissertation: Statistical learning and informational visualization for bioinformatics )

(Frank) Jinghua Gu, Ph.D., Sr. Research Associate at The Baylor Institute for Immunology Research (BIIR) of Baylor Heath Care System
(GRA: Fall 2009 – Summer 2013; Dissertation: Novel Monte Carlo approaches to identify aberrant pathways in cancer)

(Lily) Li Chen, Ph.D., Bioinformatics Analyst III, Molecular Characterization & Clinical Assay Development Laboratory, Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc., Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (LinkedIn)
[Research Associate, Division of Clinical Chemistry, Dept. of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University, 2010 – 2016]
(GRA: Spring 2007 – Fall 2010; Dissertation: Integrative modeling and analysis of high-throughput biological data)

Otto Barnes, M.S., Chief Technology Officer, SITEMETRIC™ (LinkedIn)
(Part-time master graduate student, Fall 2012 – Spring 2013; Thesis: Concurrency optimization for integrative network analysis)

Yimo Tao, M.S., Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation (LinkedIn)
(GRA: Fall 2006 – Spring 2010; Thesis: Multi-level learning approaches for medical image understanding, computer-aided detection and diagnosis)

Nitin Nair, M.S., , Machine Learning Engineer, DeepSig Inc. (LinkedIn)

Bin Zhou, M.S., Senior Software Engineer, Capital One (LinkedIn)
(GRA: Fall 2006 – Fall 2011; Polarization cellular/tissue imaging (feature extraction and classification); multispectral polarization imaging; motion analysis for adaptive radiation therapy, proteomics data analysis.

Sharmi Benerjee, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Amazon (LinkedIn)
(GRA, Summer 2014 – Fall 2014; GTA, Fall 2013 – Spring 2014)(B-Tech, St. Thomas College of Eng & Tech, India; M.S., Texas Tech University)(e-mail: bsharmi6@vt.edu): Analysis of next-gen sequencing data, proteomics, etc.

(Tracy) Ji Wang, M.S.
(GRA, Fall 2012)(B.S., HIT; M.S., UMN)(e-mail: traceyw@vt.edu): Analysis of next-gen sequencing data, Bayesian modeling of epigenetic data, etc.

Bin Wang, M.S., Ph.D. (completed at Cornell University), Research Scientist at Bigwood Systems Inc. (LinkedIn)
(GRA: Fall 2006 – Spring 2007) (B.S. & M.S., SJTU) (Biomedical imaging, image-based radiation therapy)